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Our goal is to apply our thorough knowledge of anatomy to promote strength, healing and optimal health. Massage is a powerful tool in maximizing peak physical performance, as well as stimulating healing from various injuries. We consider lifestyle, condition of muscle tone, range of motion in joints, and any pain from over-use or injuries.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is an excellent tool for pre-event preparation as well as post-event recovery. Read more...

 It reduces recovery time, promotes flexibility, prevents injuries and maximize absolute peak performance. Each massage program is specifically tailored to the athlete to create a balanced training regimen.

Functional Massage

We specializes in recovery from various injuries. Sports injuries, surgeries and car accidents. Read more...

Chronic migraines and/or chronic tension patterns in the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back. We aim to help you recover quicker, alleviate and manage pain. Preventative care is always preferred.

Our Clients

Oracle Team USA; Winner of America’s Cup 2013

Alonzo King LINES Ballet

TRX Suspension Training (Corporate)

Calvin Klein Performance (Corporate)

Adobe (Corporate)

Kabam (Corporate)

Banana Republic